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The Waffleflower water media mat is a multi-function craft mat … non-slip, waterproof and heat resistent. The Water Media Mat clings to your work surface, it’s bright white, has wells for watercolouring and is made from food-grade oven-safe silicone. Use it with inks, paints, adhesive, even hot glue … it can handle up to 45ºC temperatures! To clean, just use soapy water, dry with paper towel and play all over again. It makes a great background for those who make videos … it even has marks and guidelines that frame a standard video format.

Do not forget to read the fine print … 

Avoid sharp edges like pencils and knives. They will damage your mat.
Some colors/pigments may stain your mat. Staining does not change the properties of the mat.

NOTE regarding POST – If you don’t care about the packaging, and would like to save money on post, I will be happy to remove your Water Media Mat from the packaging, and post in a satchel. If, however, you would like to receive it intact with the packaging, it does need to ship as a box.  The box rate is set at the maximum within Australia, and if your shipping comes in cheaper, you will receive a refund for any overpaid postage.

Is this on your shopping list, but out of stock?  No problem.  Just click / tap on the Pre-order tab on the website and fill out the pre-order form, and I will be happy to order this in and reserve it for you when I place my next order with Waffleflower.

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Weight 0.495 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30.5 × 1.5 cm

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