Welcome to 2016

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Wow … 21015 was really, really busy!  Huge thanks to everyone who has made a purchase, ripped a stamp, sent in cards, joined a swap or watched a video … I appreciate it a lot!

So … what’s in store for 2016?  Well … there are going to be a few changes around here.  I’m not the type of person who enjoys change, but am currently trying to embrace some changes that will bring more sparkle, fun and joy to my life.  I hope that the changes I’m making here bring some joy to you as well 🙂

Cards for Charity
I will no longer be collecting cards for charity … BUT … I will have a page here on the website called ‘Crafting for Charity’, with links to all sorts of amazing groups you can support with your incredible handmade creations.  I would encourage you to find one that speaks to you, and donate to them directly.  If you know a charity you can craft for, please share it with me … I’d love to add it to the reference page!

Postage Stamps
All postage stamps will now go to our family friend with alzheimers.  He still gets so excited when I send him a big bag of stamps that you beautiful ladies rip and send to me, so I will keep collecting as long as he continues to love it.  Remember, no need to cut them neatly … that’s his favourite job … just rip away!  Used postage stamps from anywhere in the world, postmarked or not … they can all come to PO Box 9387, Wyoming NSW 2250.

Pinterest Challenge
There was very little interest last year when I rang the Pinterest Challenge, so I have decided not to do that this year.  I find myself on Instagram way more than Pinterest at the moment!

The Shopping Cart
Oh, my goodness … the shopping cart has been taking some of you lovely ladies on a crazy merry-go-round ride this year!  I am sooooo close to launching the new shopping cart … but with over 850 individual items that need to be weighed & measured, it’s a mighty task (and I keep getting distracted by the cool stuff I have, and that Christmas thing).  But, it’s very close, and should be launched in the next few days *yay*.  One of my favourite features is that you will be able to pre-order Lawn Fawn, Mama Elephant and Copic products with a cool back-order feature *woot*.  The other exciting features are easy postage options AND direct deposit option for payment *huzzah*.

Australia Post is increasing stamp prices AND slowing delivery times (unless you pay to increase to Priority mail).  Sadly, this is completely out of my hands … nothing I can do about it.  On Monday I will be updating postage costs in the shop, so it might be down for a little while at some point.  In the current shopping cart you will find Priority mail (faster delivery, no tracking) and registered post (tracking + insurance up to $100) in a postage options category, and add them to your cart.  In the new shopping cart they should be available at checkout.  Remember … where I can, I use pre-loved postpacks, as this cuts down shipping expenses for you, and keeps those postpacks out of landfill just that little bit longer 🙂

Swaps will begin on 1 February, and instead of only 4 weeks to create/pack/post, there will now be 6 weeks, and a couple of weeks in between to admire your return goodies 😀  As previously mentioned, Australia Post is increasing postage costs and decreasing delivery times … this will definately affect swaps, and the changes I’ve made are taking this into consideration.  So … there will be a total of 5 swaps, and the details will be available in full on 1 February.

Sweet Stamp Shop
I am very excited to be able to re-apply for a wholesale account with Sweet Stamp Shop, and I would love to know if you would be excited to see these gorgeous stamp sets back in the shop … let me know!

I am super duper extra excited to announce that I will be teaching sewing, doll making and embroidery classes locally this year!  Starting from 2 February, from 10am-12am on Tuesdays, you can book to take a class with me at the Gosford Sewing Centre (as the name would suggest, in Gosford NSW!).  Class schedules for the whole year are going up soon, and I’ll pop a link here when they’re available 😀

I will be coming at you with 3 different video platforms in 2016.
#1 Periscope logo Periscope – this is totally casual, spur of the moment … heck, I might not have makeup on and could still be in my pjs!  This is where I un-box orders so you can see all the pretty new goodies, talk about upcoming events, muse about the deeper aspects of crafting, etc.  If you have the Periscope app on your phone or tablet, my handle is @DawnLewis, and a little notification will pop up when I’m streaming live.  If you’re around, you can say hi and even ask me some questions!  If you miss it, the video hangs around for 24 hours on Periscope and you can watch it later.  And if you don’t have Periscope, no sweat! … 95% of my videos are archived at www.katch.me/DawnLewis (and the other 5% are me being too rambly, so I delete them LOL).

YouTube logo #2 YouTube – this is where you will find video tutorials, and the occasional vlog post.  My wonderful husband bought me a fancy pants new microphone for Christmas, so hopefully the sound will be better from now on!  I will also be filming the cards I make for magazine commissions, so about a month after you see a card by me in Australian Cardmaking, Stamping & Papercraft magazine, you should find the video tutorial on YouTube 😀

blab_clipped_rev_1 #3 Blab – this is where I get to chat with other amazing crafters AND YOU!  I love this awesome new video platform a lot!  I have a quick tour of Blab over on YouTube (click HERE) so you can see what it looks like.  All you need is a Twitter account to join the conversation (and I love that you don’t even have to use Twitter … it’s just a log-in tool).  I have some exciting ideas about using Blab for live & interactive interviews and craft tutorials … so I hope you’ll join me there (it will be like a tv show that you can join in! *squeeeee*).

Design Team
BADGE-DesignTeam1-ALT I am so happy to be part of the KennyK design team, and look forward to creating some fun new projects using KennyK digital and clear stamps.  If you’re looking for funky teens, cool dudes, curvy gals and digi stamps you just can’t get anywhere else … KennyK has you covered!  Brand new website is launched today, and the blog challenges are transferring over to a brand new Facebook page.  Pop by and meet the whole DT as we pop in one by one over the next couple of weeks to introduce ourselves 😀  You can find the website HERE, and the Facebook page will go live in the next 24 hours (find a link on my home page HERE as soon as it launches).

New Facebook Group!
In a few days I will be launching a brand new Facebook group.  It is a place for crafters of all kinds to gather and share hints, tips, bargain buys, finished projects, ask for help when they’re stuck … like hanging out with crafty friends.  Cardmakers, stampers, quilters, knitters, crocheters, embroiderers, dressmakers, doll makers, bear makers, smockers, painters calligraphers … we shall all unite and be crafty together 😀  Watch for more information here on the blog, via newsletter and on the Facebook page … it’s so close to being ready … I’m super excited about hanging out with you guys in a group setting!

On a personal note … this is a big year for me and my family as well.  Miss 17 sits her HSC this year, and year 12 studies have already proven to be quite stressful for her.  Miss 14 is hitting the halfway mark in her high school experience, and her distinct lack of love for school makes for some interesting days for us.  I hit some big roadblocks with my own health in 2015, and I have some big changes to make.  I love the tradition of choosing a word for the year, but for this year I have chosen 2.  The first word is “no” … oh boy, do I have trouble saying no to people!  I love the excitement of new opportunities & projects, and I particularly love to help people.  But … I have very strict instructions to stop saying “no” to myself (which has always been remarkably easy) so I can rebuild my health and then go back to supporting others.  Just today an amazing video popped up in my Facebook newsfeed … an interview where Jada Pinkett Smith answers a question from her daughter, about what it’s like to be a wife & mother.  I was incredibly moved by her very real response, and would encourage anyone who feels like they have to give up everything for their family at the expense of themselves … well … spend a few minutes watching this eloquent and insightful reply (CLICK HERE).  The second word is “consistency”, and it works for everything!  I am excited to be more consistent in looking after myself, but also in my business … like recording regular videos, creating magazine projects and finding cool goodies for the shop 🙂  I think this is one of the reasons I’m so excited to launch the new Facebook group, because I get to hang out with cool crafters every day … and that makes me super happy!

So … there we have it … so many fun things to look forward to!  I hope you have some great things planned for 2016 as well!

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  1. Esther

    an awesome 2016 to you and your family Dawn. Can anyone partake in “Swaps”, or is it only for people who use the products you sell Dawn?

    1. Dawn Lewis (Post author)

      Anyone can participate in swaps!!!! They are pure fun, and the more people who join in, the better 😀

      1. Esther

        😀 I look forward to finding time to join in the fun when I return from my holiday then.

  2. Denise Pickering

    Happy new year,
    Are u organised this year with all the swaps for 2016?
    I do hope I have time this year

    1. Dawn Lewis (Post author)

      Hi Denise! Yes … swaps will run a little differently this year due to the changes in postal charges and delivery times, but they are still happening! A full schedule will be released on 1 February! Dawn


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