Work with me


Looking for a calm and engaging Australian female voice over? Whether you seek a professional phone message, podcast intro & outro, advertisement or video voiceovers, let’s have a chat and see if we’re a good match.

I record in my home studio using a Behringer dynamic microphone, and will edit out breath intakes if required for your project.

While voiceover work for others is new to me, public speaking and video voiceover recording for myself is something I have been doing for decades. I am excited to work more with others, and my current rates are introductory as I build my portfolio.

You could best describe my voice as calm, deep, soothing, encouraging, corporate, happy or a bit sad if needed. I can do a fair facsimile of a Telstra hold message, Sydney train announcement or Coles self serve checkout, so if that’s the sound you’re after, let’s talk!

You can listen to examples of my work below.


Script proofreading $5
Up to 100 words $30
Up to 300 words $70
Over 300 words – let’s chat
Commercial rights (advertising on non-paid platform) $10
Full broadcast rights (advertising on paid platform) $50
Revision $15

I am open to pro bono work on the condition that I can add it to my VO portfolio. Intrigue me with your project!

Important: Please ensure your script is written clearly and exactly how you want me to say it. Please also advice the tone or feel you prefer for your script.

Note: alterations will be made if there is an error on my end (no charge, of course), but a re-record fee is applicable to script changes made post recording.