EZ Lights 2 unit, Pear Blossom Press

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EZ Lights by Pear Blossom Press are the quick way to create light-up interactive cards. This pack includes 2 full units. Each unit includes 3 warm white LED’s and batteries are cincluded.

The lights are already attached with long wires, so you don’t need to build circuits with copper tape … just adhere the battery & switch in place, tape down the LEDs and decorate your card. Place a ‘Push’ instruction on top of the button so the recipient knows how to turn the lights on.

Two all-in-one light-up units with three warm white LEDs each, batteries included in each. These units have the lights already attached with long wires; no circuit building is required! To use, adhere the battery/switch in place. Glue or tape the LEDs in place. Cover with decorative elements, mark “push” over the button so the recipient knows how to turn the lights on.

Each unit has three lights, but if you only want one or two, you can cut the extras off. Pear Blossom Press recommend wrapping a piece of tape around one of the cut ends, so they don’t accidentally touch and create a short circuit.

The battery unit measures approximately 1-3/8″ x 3/4″ and the LEDs are attached with 11″ wires, so you have plenty of length to run your lights wherever you want them on a card or scrapbook page. Any extra length can be curled up and taped down. It is not recommended that you crease sharp folds in the wires, as that may cause them to break and fail.