Shader Brush 0+ 15pk, Waffle Flower

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Shader Brushes 0+ are super petite, perfect for small spaces on stencils. Made from high quality, ultra soft bristles, the Waffle Flower Shader 0+ brushes are round tip brushes with bristles arranged at an angle for comfort and precision. For best results, apply in a “drag-n-lift” or “flicking” motion. As the name suggests, the plus versions allow you to apply a dense layer of ink, very quickly. The original shader brushes were designed for adding colours gradually, by building up the density by applying multiple layers of ink. The new plus versions can help you colour in really quickly, especially when using stencils.

It is recommend you dedicate each brush to similar colours and dab off the excess ink on some scrap paper in between usage. These brushes are also washable with mild soap and under running water – be sure to keep the brushes pointing down to avoid water running into the barrel. Wooden handle might expand that could cause cracks on the paint during temperature/humidity change.

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Weight 0.126 kg
Dimensions 25 × 21 × 1 cm

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