2022 Swap Schedule

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Welcome to a new year of fun swaps for Australian card makers. I have our schedule all planned out, and the very first swap will be open for sign-ups next week. In the meantime, though, I thought I’d shake things up by announcing all swaps with their sign-up and due dates so that you can plan your card making in advance.

There are also 3 main points all swap participants need to know.

  1. Due dates
    I have been flexible around due dates due to Covid-related mail disruptions, but by the end of the year, some folks were posting on or after the due date, and we can’t be doing that in 2022.

    It’s unfair to those who get their swaps in on time to make them wait for those who are late. Therefore, this year I will be sending reminders and strongly recommend swaps arrive on time. A good guide is to post several days (or up to a week) before the due date, and the further away you are from me, geographically speaking, the more time needs to be allowed for mail to travel.

    This is a contributing factor to me announcing the full years swap schedule in advance, because if you want to do them all at once, or well in advance, you are very welcome to do so, and I hope it’s helpful.
  2. Pre-loved postage stamps
    If you’re on a seriously strict budget, and you want to re-use un-postmarked postage stamps, you are welcome to do so. HOWEVER … at the advice of Australia Post, please do not place sticky tape over the top of the postage stamps. The best option is to soak them off their original envelope in water, then use a strong liquid glue to stick them to your envelope.
  3. Stamps on return envelopes
    Some return envelopes require 2 postage stamps, and others require 3. This is all down to the weight of your return envelope. The one I’m sending back to you may be heavier or lighter than the one you sent me. It’s best to place only 2 postage stamps on the return envelope, and add a third loose stamp in the bag with your swap items. If I don’t need to use it, it will be returned to you.

I am very excited to see everyone’s work again this year, and if you are still hesitant to join in, please check out the resources that I have to assist you get started with your first swap. If you’re super nervous, I am 100% on board with you sending me a photo of your prototype and providing kind and constructive feedback. People at all levels of card making skill join these swaps, and I’d love for you to join too.

Swap 1 – Birthday
Sign-ups open from 24-30 January
Due date 25 February

Swap 2 – Floral
Sign-ups open from 14-20 March
Due date 15 April

Swap 3 Bookmark (not a card … an actual bookmark)
Sign-ups open from 2-8 May
Due date 3 June

Swap 4 – Christmas
Sign-ups open from 18-24 July
Due date 19 August

Swap 5 – CAS (Clean And Simple)
Sign-ups open from 24-30 October
Due date 25 November

You may notice that there are no sign-ups or swaps due in September, which is deliberate to work around the large Stamptember group buy event (yes, I’m learning!). Also, our Christmas card swap is early, so that they can get home in time for us to use them this year!

Swaps are open to Australian card makers, there will be a blog post with details for each swap, including a downloadable PDF checklist, links to resources and the sign-up form. Even if you complete the swap early, please sign-up, as I rely on those forms to make sure that I am organised.

If you have questions, please ask away!



  1. Tracey Sleeman

    Totally love the Christmas one earlier in the year, great idea.

  2. Kathy Hibberd

    What a fantastic idea to plan for the entire year. That’s really great.
    Thankyou Dawn.
    So looking forward to this year’s swaps

  3. Kate Morris

    Thank you so much for the Calendar of swaps and their themes, thrilled I can plan and create with stacks of time available 💗really looking forward to the bookmark one 📚

  4. Gab

    Thanks Dawn ! I hope I can play in the bookmark swap!


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