Farewell Scrap It TV

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This morning I have some news that’s a little bit sad. I have officially been notified that there will not be any future episodes of Scrap It TV. Unfortunately, even if the show could secure the sponsorship required, there is no free-to-air television channel willing to add it to their schedule. And so it is time to bid farewell to Scrap It TV.

I’m sure many will be sad to see the show disappear, so I was thinking that we should band together to give Scrap It TV one last hurrah on Aurora! I know not everyone has Foxtel (I certainly don’t!), but let’s all contact the channel and tell them that we want to see Season 7 one more time 😀

You can contact Aurora here, and let them know “We want Scrap It TV one more time”

I have been involved with Scrap It TV since Season 3, when I filmed a segment at the scrapbooking store where I was teaching. It was my very great pleasure to be involved in the show right through to Season 7, including interacting with so many of our viewers on the Facebook page.

I can honestly say this is the coolest job I have ever had! It was a joyful experience to interview some amazing scrapbookers in Season 5, and work alongside some incredible paper artists on our fun filming days. These ladies inspired me to try new things, and I am so glad I got to meet such talented women!

It has been 3 years since we filmed Season 7, so the news that we would not be filming any future seasons of Scrap It TV was not really a surprise to me, personally. I am wistful at leaving behind such a fun time of my life, and a little sad that the show’s time is over, though.

I feel privileged to have been involved in Australia’s only dedicated papercrafting show, and am incredibly grateful to Tony at Star Premier Video Productions for giving me the opportunity to be so heavily involved in the show. I am equally grateful to Aurora and 4ME for taking on this little Aussie papercrafting show, and to the amazing sponsors who came on board to make it happen.

Such great memories of filming under coloured lights at the Darkroom Door warehouse, in an office at Fynmark with my kids watching on, at our very funky studio space in Season 7 (there was an actual dressing room with lights around the mirrors … I was in heaven!), and in my dining room at home. I remember watching an episode when Season 5 went to air, and realising that in a quick-change between interviews I had forgotten to remove my pearl necklace, and had added another! I was mortified, but absolutely nobody noticed LOL.  By far my most popular segment (and free project sheet) was the One Sheet Wonder, which you can still get HERE.

And so as we close this chapter of inky, paper-laden, paint-spattered, creative television … Rachel and I have put together a little memory bundle for fans of the show. There are a limited number of DVDs available, Best of Seasons 1 & 2, and Best of Seaons 5 & 6. Not only have they been reduced by 50%, but everyone who purchases a dvd will receive a signed photo from Rachel and I AND a bonus Darkroom Door PhotoChip 6-pack!  You can find that great deal when you CLICK HERE for under $10!!

I would love to hear from you. What was your favourite segment? Did you make any of the projects? Share your favourite Scrap It TV memories here, and let’s give her a great send off 😀

Thanks so much for watching!


  1. Margaret Berryman

    I have missed the fabulous show. Will be very sad. It’s amazing that nobody has been willing to show it on t.v. Papercrafts still seem to be amazingly popular – they ARE with ME. Thank goodness we can still see Dawn demonstrating via the internet. I’m very, very sorry.

  2. Jennifer Plowman

    I am so very, very sad. I absolutely loved this show and it’s incredibly sad that no tv network is willing to screen it, I have no favourite segment but I have made projects from several different shows. I got a lot from the talented scrapbookers and card makers. It is still great to be able to see Dawn making cards on her videos. I am missing this show already.


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