Final Swaps 2015

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OK … due to a rather spectacular set of migraines and some back-to-school issues over the last couple of weeks, I’ve dropped the ball on the October swap.

SO … I am going to run the October AND November swaps at the same time!  If you want to enter one, or both, go for it!  I am not going to put all the usual details here.  If you want them you can refer to some previous blog posts HERE and HERE …. and a couple of videos HERE and HERE.

Points I will make … and please, please follow these important points ….

  1. Clean & Straight cutting lines.
  2. No visible adhesive or globs of oozy glue.
  3. Choose cheap & cheerful over cheap & nasty.
  4. A simple card constructed well will always beat a complicated card made badly.
  5. Good workmanship is incredibly important.
  6. Choose supplies that are crisp, clean and brand new condition.
  7. PLEASE use C4 envelopes to send to me, and for return post.
  8. Use an A4 piece of stiff cardstock to prevent damage to swap items.
  9. Use a large sealable bag (like snaplock) to keep things together in case of torn envelope, and dry in case of rain.

SWAP #1 – October – Colour scheme yellow/white/black/grey

Here is a gorgeous colour palette to inspire you.

Any theme, any products … but ONLY using yellow, white, black and grey (silver is also cool).

Make 6 identical cards.
Bag them with an envelope (decorated or plain).
Receive 6 different cards in return.

Swap #2 – Christmas Cards

Here is a Pinterest board full of inspiration for you …. CLICK HERE

Make 6 identical cards.
Bag them with an envelope (decorated or plain).
Receive 6 different cards in return.

DUE DATE: Friday 27 November

You may enter just one, or both.  Send together in one envelope (you will need to add extra stamps!) or send in separate envelopes. Totally up to you!

If you have any questions, please email me at or via PM on the Facebook page HERE.


  1. Margaret Berryman

    Do hope you’ll be feeling well soon, Dawn, and hope you can get some help for your migraines.
    I also hope the school issues will improve. I can relate to high school issues (as I had difficulties with my daughter).
    Love the Lawn Fawn stamps I ordered and received!

    1. Dawn Lewis (Post author)

      Thanks Margaret! The joys of a child beginning her final year of high school, and a bunch of unexpected meetings & information nights 🙂 So happy you love your Lawn Fawn 😀

  2. leanne

    Oh Dawn….you do not look old enough to have a child that is in finishing year of school. 🙂

    1. Dawn Lewis (Post author)

      Leanne, you are too kind 😀



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