I was nominated as one of the top 20 embroidery podcasts by Welp magazine

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Back in June I received an email to say that Welp magazine had nominated me as one of the top 20 crochet podcasts of 2021.

Today I was doing a little Googling, and would you believe it … I was also one of the top 20 embroidery podcasts of 2021! That’s kind of cool.

I don’t think I’ve done a dedicated embroidery episode, but I certainly do talk about it quite a bit. I love cross stitch and embroidery, and find them to be very meditative activities for me. Also, it does prove that I have the patience to stab something hundred or even thousands of times, so … you know … never cross an embroiderer!

If you’ve never embroidered before, this is a craft that’s worth exploring, as there are many forms, and many uses for embroidery. I remember being invited to a baby shower at a time when I was next to broke, and was embarrassed by the gift I had given. I had picked up some tiny baby singlets from the Bonds outlet, and embroidered some tiny grub roses on them. I was so stunned when the mama-to-be absolutely gushed over the gift, declaring it to be her favourite of the day. That’s the power of a handmade gift. Her baby wore those singlets until they no longer fit, and she kept them for baby #2, so I guess she really did love them.

If you are left-handed, check out the Left Handed Embroiderer’s Companion by Yvette Stanton HERE. I have met Yvette a couple of times, and not only is she extraordinarily knowledgeable about embroidery, but she’s delightful to chat with.

Wizarding alphabet sampler by Pixel Power Designs

If you’re looking for fun, pop culture and/or fandom cross stitch patterns, I have a few favourites

* Pixel Power Designs
* Fangirl Stitches
* Clouds Factory

If you’re into freehand cross-stitch, redwork or blackwork, check out the digital stamps and colouring pages at Creative Fabrica. They are vector images, so you can resize them to fit your project, be it a classic hoop or something less conventional like a purse, bag, jumper, jeans or pillowcase.

Another favourite is Urban Threads, and their embroidery designs are incredibly affordable!

Freehand embroidery using an Urban Threads pattern

You can also use your stamps (physical and digital) for embroidery projects. This is a hoop I did when I was on the Tiddly Inks design team a few years ago, and one day I will find a place to put it! I printed the design to fit the hoop, printed then traced it onto the fabric. From there it was 5 simple ingredients … fabric, thin pellon, a bamboo hoop, black embroidery thread and an embroidery needle.

Blackwork embroidery using a digital stamp by Tiddly Inks

Lastly, I can’t forget to mention my favourite Australian store for all things needlework … Every Sewer Needs. I helped out on their stand at the Newcastle craft show at the beginning of this year, and boy did I bring home some cool embroidery goodies! I recently grabbed a set of their Lovely Legs (which I named … yes, I’m totally bragging, because I think it’s a clever name!) so I can embroider without holding my hoop!

I keep at least 2 embroidery projects on the go, and they’re an excellent way to pass the time in waiting rooms. I store mine in zipper pouches, taking the pattern, fabric in hoop, threads, needle and small scissors with me when I think I’ll be waiting around.

This has me wondering … are you an embroiderer? What’s your favourite type of stitchery? Leave me a comment and let me know!

In case you were wondering, this is not a sponsored post, I just genuinely adore these small businesses, and have shopped happily with each many times. Full transparency, though, I do have an affiliate partnership with Creative Fabrica, so if you click through and make a purchase, I do receive a commission (which is at no cost to you). I’m also a customer at Creative Fabrica, because I love supporting such talented digital artists and pattern makers.

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