Stamp Drive for 2 great causes

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Do you get the occasional parcel?  Do you receive a lot of mail?  Do you work in an office and throw away a lot of envelopes with the stamps still attached?  Then you are just the person I’m looking for!

During 2015 I am running a stamp drive … not crafting stamps … we’re talking postage stamps.

#1 – When swaps come in I send all the postmarked stamps to a lovely gentleman with alzheimers.  I bag them up all month long, then my Mum delivers them.  She tells me that it really makes his day.  He collects and clips them for his favourite charity.  So if you have a second to rip the postmarked stamps off your envelopes and send a bunch off to me, I’d surely appreciate it.  Could you imagine if I could send him a box full???!!!

#2 – Sometimes an envelope will arrive that hasn’t been postmarked.  That seriously makes my day.  Those stamps are repurposed, and they help me send training materials to new volunteers for Angel Gowns for Australian Angel Babies.  This helps keep costs down for the organisation a bit, but some more from homes and offices Australia-wide would make a big difference!  By helping us train more volunteers, we can help even more families grieving the loss of their angel babies.

Stamps of all shapes and sizes, colours and values gratefully received at:
Dawn Lewis Imagery
PO Box 9387
Wyoming NSW 2250

I thank you in advance for your ninja stamp clipping skills 😀

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