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Firstly … a HUGE thank you to everyone who joins in my monthly swaps.  Thanks also to those who follow along the checklist, and also to those who include extra cards for Ronald McDonald House and the Childrens Hospital!

After more than a decade of organising and hosting swaps, I have noticed that the same mistakes are made on a pretty regular basis.  Now … this is not a scolding.  Far from it.  It is my aim to help the swap packing process as easy as possible, and I have guidelines in place for a few reasons.  It keeps your beautiful handmade goodies safe and sound, it helps me streamline the swap out and repacking process, and keeps the costs as low as Australia Post will allow for you 🙂

So … I have created these little images, and have printed a stack of cards.  If you find one of these in your swap, it means you have missed a step that may result in damaged goodies, higher postage costs for you, or a more time consuming swap out for me.  For example, if your cards aren’t individually bagged (when I have specifically requested that they should be), your unbagged card may be damaged on its way to me, or on its way to its recipient.  Not fun to receive a damaged card.  And, unfortunately, if swaps become too time consuming then I will have to cut back on them, and that’s no fun for you guys … so helping me stay streamlined is good for all of us 😀

Stiff Card 2x3
If you have used a tiny piece of card (or super flimsy card), your cards are not protected.  I will add one of these reminder cards to remind you to upgrade to an A4 piece of cardstock for your next swap.

Envelope size wrong
If you do not use a C4 envelope you will most likely end up paying more for post.  Also, other cards may be bulkier or larger than yours, and they may not fit into a C5 envelope.  C4 only please, or you will find this reminder card in your returned swap.  KMart C4 envelopes are good value and sturdy ($4 for 25).

Postage is wrong
If your stamps are older, especially when we’ve had a postage price rise, just cast your eye over them to check they add up.  2 stamps will work, but 3 stamps is optimal, as card swap envelopes are usually over 125g.  If your postage is low, you may be hit with a fee.

Include envelope 2x3

It is compulsory to include an envelope with every card, but if you forget, you will have one of these little reminders in your return swap.

Individual bags 2x3
If you do not bag swap items (especially if I have specified that they should be individually bagged), they may be damaged, or damage other swap items in your return parcel.  If you have skipped compulsory bagging, you will get this reminder card.

Identical design 2x3
If you send 6 totally different cards, it can become awfully confusing for me in the swapping out process.  Absolutely, change the colours, but don’t change the design please.

cards inside envelopes 2x3
If you place your cards inside the envelope, I can’t see the card design, which leads to confusion during the swapping out process.  Placing cards into envelopes is not an acceptable alternative to bagging them, and you will find one of these reminder cards.

Thank you for stamps 2x3 Thank you for cards 2x3
If you send postage stamps or cards in your swap envelopes … I thank you 🙂  This will be my favourite card to add to returned swaps!

This is not a stern witch-hunty kind of affair … everyone forgets a little something sometimes.  These little cards are just meant as reminders for the next time you join, so I can continue to run these monthly swaps for you guys.  Thanks for all your hard work … I know I give out a lot of information LOL.  You all rock!

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  1. Marni

    This sounds like and awesome new system Dawn. Can’t wait to join in the next swap – hopefully no cards for me!

  2. Deb McCleary

    Well done Dawn! You obviously put in so much effort, and I reckon you’re not asking much in return for people to follow guidelines. Cheers!

  3. Simone Walters

    Phew!!! I thought I’d made some big boo boos jpbut it looks like I’m doing relativly ok. I think these are a great idea especially to newbies like me. Keep up the awesome work!

  4. Rhonda

    Thanks for this comprehensive system. I look forward to participating in some swaps this year. Hope I don’t get too many little cards 😀


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