Tis the season for yarn projects!

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Growing up, my mother was an avid knitter, crocheter, spinner and weaver. She still knits & crochets, and those skills helped her make new friends when she moved to a new town all on her own. When I was a teen, I remember a television ad that would come on as soon as the weather started to cool down. The moment I heard the whispered words “Click clack, Cleckheaton” the urge to knit was overwhelming, and I eventually learned how to cast on, knit and pearl stitches, and was able to make a basic scarf.

Fast forward 15 years or so, and I wanted to learn how to crochet. I was seeing gorgeous amigurumi patterns on Etsy, and desperately wanted to make one. I taught myself how via YouTube tutorials. I consider it to be a post-apocalyptic skill … seriously! Think about it. Everyone’s ransacking sporting good stores, department stores and supermarkets, but who’s ransacking craft stores in times of crisis? Nobody! So there will be yarn aplenty, and I will earn my keep by making warm blankets for harsh apocalypse winters.

For now, though … I’m making cozy scarves. Here’s one I prepared earlier!

For this version, I used Lion Brand yarn ‘Ice Cream’ colour Mochi, which comes in 100g balls. It used 2 balls of yarn, and I even had a little bit leftover. The instructions for the trim on this were a little tricky, but it came out gorgeous, and it’s quite cozy. Yellow isn’t my usual colour choice … I mean, I love how bright and happy it is, but whenever I wear it, people suddenly become very concerned for my health … it totally washes me out! I made this for my daughter who is a big fan of yellow, however since there’s no black, she has declined to wear it. Bummer. So, I wear it when I want some bright happy colour, and don’t care what people say!

Those who know me well will instantly recognise that this is more my speed! For this scarf I used Premier Anti-pilling yarn in the colour Red Black Plaid, but these were 200g balls. Despite the much weightier yarn, this version took 2 balls plus part of a 3rd ball. The result is a super soft, weighty and luscious scarf for those super cold days. Sadly I can’t get this yarn from my supplier anymore, which kills me, because I desperately want to make one in the same colours for my friend Linda.

I know that I’m not a yarn store, but if you are a fan of yarn crafts, I do have a supplier that I can get gorgeous yarns from, including Premiere, Lion, Patons, Bernat, Sugar Bush, Red Heart and more. It’s a nice perk to owning a craft store and teaching crochet classes.

If you crochet, and are looking for a fancy scarf pattern, I can personally recommend this one. You can find it on Creative Fabrica HERE.

So … where are my fellow yarn peeps at?

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  1. Margaret Berryman

    Love each of these, Dawn. Especially the last one.


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