I was nominated as a Top Crochet Podcast by Welp Magazine

I was nominated as a top crochet podcast by Welp Magazine

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Occasionally an email goes to spam, and I almost miss it. This was one of those emails.

Yesterday I received an email from Welp Magazine, saying that I had been included in an article they published showcasing their top 20 crochet podcasts of 2021. Sure enough, I checked … and there I was, sitting 4th down the page. Wow!

In case you missed it, episode 18 was about Crochet for Beginners. I recorded this episode because when I first thought about picking up crochet, I was told about a whole bunch of things that I would need, and a few of those must-haves really weren’t so important. What was more important was understanding that the number one reason I see people give up on crochet is because learning to tension the yarn with your non-hook-holding hand is really awkward, so most people don’t persist long enough to give the stitches a try. The stitches are really quite easy, so long as you can get past that awkward how-do-I-hold-this-stupid-yarn phase!

There’s a lot to love about crochet. It’s portable, it’s inexpensive, patterns are plentiful, tutorials and classes are readily available, and you can make beautiful and practical things. Honestly, it’s a post-apocalyptic skill (nobody is looting craft stores, so all that yarn is going to just go to waste, right, and we need blankets!).

So, if you’re a fan of crochet, and you want to learn more, go check out this top 20 list. There are some great crochet podcasts there, and I’m honoured to be included among them.

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